Frequently asked questions about the Bruder EXP6 expedition trailer.


Setting it up

All you need to do is press a button and the EXP6 will do the rest. It will lower to your desired height, and the rear door electronically lifts and if you want over 7ft of headroom the roof also electronically lifts (just like a car window). The whole process takes only seconds and involves pressing a button on your phone (to alter suspension if you choose) and one button on the EXP6 itself to raise the rear door. Likewise the external awning is remote controlled. We use only the most reliable electronic equipment built for the task.

EXP-6 PT or GT

The Bruder EXP-6 comes in two formats: The EXP-6 PT (pop top) raises the roof up & down using the patented Bruder roof lift. The EXP-6 GT has a taller fixed roofline. Both versions can tailored with a variety of options allowing you to be you. Customise your EXP-6, from exterior colour to interior upholstery. The PT version is even more aerodynamic when travaling. Once electronicly raised the inside height (210cm) is more spaceous, offers more day lighty with the extended roof and allows for an extra bunk bed to be installed. The inside height of the GT (fixed hard top roof) is 198cm.

How many beds?

The Bruder EXP6 PT (pop top) can sleep six people (2 adults 2 children). The main bed on the EXP6 PT is a queen-size double mattress. The bed position means that you don’t have to climb over your partner to get into or out of bed.

The lounge area converts into a bunk bed for two, a further additional (small) beds can also be mounted into the ceiling area giving the EXP6 PT sleeping for six without intruding into the main walkway. There is also the option of a zip-on rear room that attaches to the rear of the EXP6. Two additional bunk bed can be installed.

The EXP6 GT can sleep max 4 people, (2 adults 2kids). The lounge area converts into a bunk bed for two children.

Bed left made up

Yes of course, we want camping to be easy for you so the queen-sized innerspring mattress stays made. Nothing is difficult on the EXP6 so camping is stress free and fun!


Absolutely. At night you have many options to suit your requirements – even mood lighting. Discreetly mounted LED lights are found throughout the interior and exterior including ground lighting that lights up low areas and doesn’t affect your night vision. The lights are also adjustable so you can choose to have low, medium and bright. The External LED lights cast a wide area around the EXP6 but should you wish to explore away from camp it even comes with inbuilt LED torches.

Water capacity

The EXP6 holds an in-body 200L/52.8gal clean water tank ,  and comes with the German built Ebersparcher diesel hot water system to heat the water. You can access this hot water from multiple places, inside and outside, including the two showers. An additional 45L/11.8gal water tank (with 12V remote water pickup system) is optional.

A 40L/10.5gal grey water tank and plumbing is optional

Fridges and freezers

The EXP6 can have two fridges fitted, one inside and one outside. Both have separate fridge/freezer sections.

Temperatures and climats

Your camping enjoyment is paramount so the EXP6 comes standard with an insulation R-value of over 5.1 keeping you cool in hot climates and warm in cold climates. We test and travel with the EXP6 in Australia’s north during the wet season. Temperatures during this time climb to over 45c (113F) with monsoon rain and extreme humidity. The EXP6 entire body roof is 30mm thick and this offers great insulation from the heat, it also has internal fans if you prefer to keep air movement without air conditioning. In below freezing environments the EXP6 is also fitted with a heater system. The Webasto heater is adjustable to suit your requirements keeping you comfortable in icy conditions.


Everything on the EXP6 is easy, so we continue this with the remotely controlled electronic awning. Quick and easy, it does all the hard work for you and covers a vast area to keep you protected from the sun or rain.


Making camping and towing easy is what the EXP6 does best, leaving you with more time to enjoy the experience. Whilst built to handle extreme off-road use, the EXP6 design also allows it to perform outstandingly on-road. Much travel occurs on-road getting to places before the dirt roads begin. During these times the EXP6 is far more streamlined and efficient to tow than other designs. With the press of a button (whilst on the fly) it will lower into highway position and sit tucked in behind your tow vehicle and comfortably cruise aerodynamically behind an SUV Audi as well as more common 4wds such as Landcruiser, Prado, Pajero, Ranger etc.

Regardless of whether your vehicle is modified and lifted or not, the EXP6 will be calibrated to suit it perfectly. And the fact you can select its ideal height from the comfort of your vehicle (without having to get out) makes it that much easier.


The EXP6 uses our own designed and built independent suspension system. Our suspension design is only available in conjunction with our chassis. The suspension has over 300mm of adjustment, double that of other air suspension systems, and the most wheel-travel on the market.

Using our app on a smartphone, the EXP6 can be adjusted on the fly from the tow vehicle. Three presets are available: Setting 1 is “highway mode” Setting 2 is “off-road mode” and Setting 3 is “extreme height”. All these are easily calibrated, adjusted or altered to your requirements from your tow vehicle. You can also make minor adjustments within each setting with a simple up/down toggle when using the app. Physical up & down switches are also located on the EXP6 trailer itself.

At rest the EXP6 can level out uneven terrain. You can also lower the height to suit your needs making everything easy to reach regardless of your height. Our 4 airbags operate under very little air pressure, however each airbag is rated to be capable of holding the entire weight of the EXP6 if required.

Our suspension is softer riding and more supple than any other design on the market. We achieve this through having greater wheel travel and through the use of our 8 vertically mounted shock absorbers. Perfectly tuned they allow for a full range of movement and control. In an emergency situation each air bag can also be blocked from the system and independently filled with air, just like a tyre on a vehicle.


Yes, the EXP6 has ventilated disc brakes on all four wheels. For international clients, brakes will be specific to suit your country’s legal requirements.

Tyres and rims

Standard are 305/60/18 tyres with 5 stud alloy rims. We alter this to suit client requirements.


It has a McHitch. The coupling simply bolts into the same hole as a standard 50mm tow ball on the tow vehicle – other hitches are also available.

Matching wheels

The standard wheel track and stud pattern of the EXP6 is the same as the Toyota LandCruiser 200series. Some clients like the EXP6 to be identical to the tow vehicle along with a matching stud pattern – we can cater for the vast majority of vehicles.

Roof and Lift top

No, you don’t need to lift the roof, but if you’re tall the extra height is nice. It is extremely quick and easy as it electronically lifts and closes – just like a car window.

Electrical plug types

The trailer comes standard with a large 7 pin round plug with a high current (50Amp) Andersen Plug used for charging from the tow vehicle to the EXP6. When your tow vehicle is running the EXP6 will be getting charged.

Electrical volts and outlets

Yes, there are 12Volt outlets found throughout the EXP6, inside and outside.

Solar panels and battery

Yes, typically we fit the EXP6 with 800W of solar power and  400Ah of lithium battery power (other options available). An 200Ah or 400Ah lithium battery upgrade (800Ah total) is optional.

Roof and loads

We recommend fitting a boat on the roof of the tow vehicle. We are keen fishermen ourselves, and we prefer to travel to and from the water with the vehicle – giving the option of leaving the trailer at camp. However we can fit certain boat types to the Bruder EXP6.

Dusty conditions

The EXP6 is fitted with a roof mounted carbon fibre snorkel. This pressurizes the interior and storage areas with clean filtered air. Our chassis design also separates from the body from the chassis with rubber body mounts – these isolate off-road vibrations and in conjunction with our suspension system mean the EXP6 body and door openings doesn’t shake, rattle or flex like other off-road campers and caravans on rough dusty roads or tracks. With the very best in automotive seals, positive filtered air pressure, carefully considered door openings and our chassis and suspension design, we are confident the Bruder EXP6 is the most dustproof camper available on the market.

Jerry cans and holders

Yes, four jerry cans can fit safely within the front storage area of the EXP6. Alternatively external jerry can holders can be fitted.

Warranty & Guarantees

Bruder Warranty
Bruder provides the original purchaser of every Bruder trailer a 36 months’ (3 years) warranty that the product’s workmanship and materials will be free from defects. The suspension and chassis hold an additional 24-month warranty period not including serviceable items.
Warranties are not transferable under any circumstances. Similarly, if an item is sold to a third party by the original purchaser, then all warranties become null and void, and the original purchaser shall make no claims or be eligible for any claims on behalf of the new owner.
The Bruder Warranty applies to all new Bruder trailers sold in Australia.
The Warranty Period is 36 Months. The commencement date of the Warranty is the date the trailer is either (A) delivered to its first owner, or (B) put into service by Bruder as a company or demonstrator trailer.
Within the Warranty Period, Bruder will repair or replace any original equipment or Bruder components found to be defective under normal use and operation in Australia. The Warranty does not extend to maintenance items which are the responsibility of thepurchaser.
Unless the owner has prior written consent from Bruder, under the Warranty Bruder will not reimburse the owner under the Warranty for repairs undertaken by an unauthorised repairer.
Any work performed under an authorised warranty claim approved by Bruder must be performed by Bruder, or an authorised representative of Bruder and only with the express written permission of Bruder.
Bruder does not cover damage due to unauthorised modifications, misuse, abuse, incorrect assembly, improper and irregular maintenance, or accident or collision.
Bruder camper trailers include equipment and fittings, such as cooking appliances, tyres and toilets, which are separately warranted by their manufacturer and not covered by Bruder’s
Warranty. If necessary, Bruder will help an owner make a warranty claim to these individual component manufacturers.
The following items are NOT covered by the Bruder Warranty:
  • Wheels and tyres are not covered by the Bruder Warranty but by the tyre
  • manufacturer’s warranty. This does not mean you are deprived of any statutory rights in respect of these items.
  • Batteries are not covered by the Bruder Warranty but by the battery manufacture’s warranty. This does not mean you are deprived of any statutory rights in respect of these items.
  • Repair and service adjustments required due to the trailer’s misuse or negligence.
Misuse and negligence include the following:
  • Formal or informal competitive events, such as racing
  • Water ingress from floods or deep-water fording
  • Overloading – permissible loads are covered in the trailer owner’s manual
  • Accident damage
  • Improper adjustment, repair, tampering or modifications by a non-Bruder approved repairer
  • Lack of proper care or attention as defined in the trailer manuals and instructions.
  • Defects caused by the fitment of non-Bruder approved parts, accessories, add-on parts
  • Scratches or rust caused by normal wear and tear, such as stone or other chips.
  • Damage or breakage of the windows or doors caused by normal wear and tear, such as stone impacts.
  • Environmental damage such as hailstones, windstorms, flooding, fire, lighting or airborne fallout (chemicals, tree sap, bird and insect droppings etc.)
  • Damage caused by improper or lack of maintenance
  • Replacement or expendable parts such as filters, coolant, fuses, bearings, light bulbs, brake pads are normal wear and tear parts and are not considered warranty items
  • Normal noise and vibration
  • Zips, mesh and screens that are not covered.
  • Impact or stone damage to body, chassis or running gear.
  • Soiling of fabrics and internal fitments from dust and other airborne substances.
  • Water damage due to water crossings.
  • Movement or damage caused by dislodgment of appliances and fittings resulting from hard impact or heavy landings or severely rutted roads or tracks.
  • General damage arising from misuse.
The Bruder Warranty will not apply in certain circumstances including where the trailer has:
  • Been used for a purpose other than which it was designed;
  • Used for commercial purposes;
  • In an accident; or
  • Towed by a vehicle other than a standard passenger vehicle.
The Bruder Warranty will not extend to specific types of damage including:
  • Wear and tear when the trailer has been used for permanent living purposes;
  • Tears, punctures, and fading to fabric items; or
  • Damage caused by alterations or repairs being undertaken by an unauthorised repairer


Introduction and Product
The following information relates to a manufacturer’s warranty offered by Bruder Expedition Pty Ltd (Bruder). Please read all the information carefully, and should you have any questions relating to any aspect of this section, then please contact a Bruder representative.
Bruder’s range of camper trailers have been designed and constructed to give added strength and ground clearance for sealed and unsealed roads and normal off-road usage.
Gas venting regulations and other construction restraints limit the effectiveness of these trailers against dust and water penetration. Under no circumstances should these trailers be exposed to water crossings at, or above, 900mm or prolonged periods of adverse weather.
Bruder camper trailers are designed to be towed at a safe speed according to travel conditions with extra care and attention required on uneven surfaces. Our trailers are not designed for abnormally hard impacts or heavy landings.
Bruder camper trailers are not designed to be overloaded. Owners need to ensure proper tyre pressures on their Bruder trailer are continually maintained and adjusted according to the travel conditions.
Consumer Guarantees
Bruder goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.
No Bruder Warranty and nothing in this Warranty limits the consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law in any way. In some circumstances your rights under those guarantees may be greater than your rights under the applicable Bruder Warranty, in which case Bruder will always honor your rights under the guarantees.
Your Responsibilities
You must operate, maintain and care for your Bruder goods properly, in accordance with the instructions in your Owner’s Manual. Failure to adequately operate or maintain your Bruder trailer will render the Manufacturer’s Warranty void.
Bruder’s goods are not expected to be indestructible. A customer’s use of Bruder’s goods can affect the durability of those goods.
The Bruder Warranty will not apply if the customer:
  • Uses the goods abnormally
  • Causes the quality of the goods to become unacceptable
  • Fails to take reasonable steps to avoid the quality becoming unacceptable

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