Live in comfort

It’s the passion, innovation and patented designs that make the Bruder EXP6 trailer unique from the ground up.

It doesn’t matter if you explore and enjoy the pleasures a secluded forest in the winter snow or the sun and heat of summer on a secluded beach, the interior of our expedition trailers will keep you in absolute comfort.

The beauty of the design is its adaptability, allowing you quick and convenient access to niceties that you enjoy at home. Storage is abundant allowing you to segregate items how you choose and avoid clutter.

Enjoy relaxing on the lounge area watching a movie in full HD on a TV, which can swivel to be seen from outside, or from on the queen-sized bed. Or relax reading a book with the dedicated bedside storage area and adjustable reading lights. Enjoy the huge sense of space and light thanks to windows on both sides, which come with two blinds that can be pulled down depending on light. You can also relax looking up at the stars through the ceiling window.

The EXP4 spacious interior cauch
Photo by Dan Bosschieter Bruder

Make life and exploring easy

Our priority is to make life easy for you. Inside and outside the design adapts seamlessly to what you require and the conditions you face. Our expeditions trailers will accommodate you with comfort and ease, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors like never before.The beauty of our trailers lies in how simple it makes off-roading and camping. It is the fruition of our vision for a less is more trailer with no setup, no pack down, and no need to level in camp. In other words, the trailers do more, so that you can do less.

Doing less is stopping and camping anywhere, even if the terrain is uneven. A huge 12 inches of adjustable wheel travel (nearly triple that of its nearest competitor) can level the trailer almost instantly.

Doing less is having instant access to a sheltered kitchen that is level no matter the terrain.

Doing less is having a 6-foot-wide, 7-foot, 2-inch-long sleeping area that is level and always ready—no setup or pack up required.

And by doing less, you’ll experience more of the outdoors.

“The interior of our expedition trailers will keep you in absolute comfort”

Beds and bunk beds for six

Photo by Toby Bosschieter Bruder

Sleeping area

When you arrive at your destination the trailer will level out and adjust it’s height to suit the terrain of your location at the press of a button. Whether you’re tall or short, you also have over 300mm of adjustments at your fingertips, putting everything within easy reach.

Inside, the bedding area is 6 feet wide and 7 feet, 2 inches long, with plenty of space to sit up (1.2 meters). There is room to accommodate young children on a 1-meter x 1.8-meter bed that doesn’t hinder the main bed. Internal USB charging points and LED lights are standard, and there is generous storage throughout, including hanging space for clothing.

The interior can be tailored to accommodate young children that doesn’t impact the use of the main sleeping area.

A home like kitchen Inside
A home like kitchen Outside

Home like kitchen

The kitchen layout is homelike in function. Careful consideration in the design allows for a huge sense of space. No setup, no pack up – its always ready.

With an insulation R-value over 5.1 you’re better protected from heat or cold, plus climate control air-conditioning or interior heating can be added. Fully closed with blinds shut for those who like to sleep in absolute darkness, or the windows can be opened with pull down insect mesh allowing you to enjoy tremendous views, with protection. Or relax with both doors completely open. It’s your choice on how you’d like to experience nature.


  • Internal and external kitchen including induction powered cooktop, stainless sink, filtered water tap, shelving and storage
  • Fully adjustable suspension to level when setting up camp
  • Electronically controlled main roof
  • Electronic awning with override
  • User-friendly intuitive electronics with manual override systems integrated into the control board
  • Complete battery management system with easy to use functions and colour screen
  • Access to cooktop from inside and outside
  • Control and monitor electronics with iPad connectivity
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