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The EXP4 makes camping adventures easy, very easy. No set-up, no pack-up, and instantly level.


A new breed performance trailer

Ready to escape?

The Bruder EXP4 soaks up bumps, undulations and corrugations like no other off-road trailer. The Bruder suspension truly revolutionises off-road travel and camping; not only can the EXP4 level out uneven terrain for camping, it can counteract steep side slopes while off-roading. For perfect towing balance, the suspension can also calibrate its ride height to suit a wide range of tow vehicles.

The EXP4 does more, so that you can do less.

Make off roading and Camping simple

The beauty of the EXP4 lies in how simple it makes off-roading and camping. No setup, no pack down, and no need to level in camp. In other words, the EXP4 does more, so that you can do less.

Doing less is stopping and camping anywhere, even if the terrain is uneven. A huge 30cm of adjustable wheel travel can level the EXP4 almost instantly.

Doing less is having instant access to a sheltered kitchen that is level no matter the terrain.

Doing less is having a 1,82 meter by  2,17 meter long sleeping area that is level and always ready—no setup or pack up required.

Doing less is towing with the confidence that the EXP4 design is genuinely engineered to set the cat amongst the pigeons in towing performance.

And by doing less, you’ll experience more of the outdoors.

The EXP4 is a new breed of performance trailer. It’s designed and engineered to travel over undulating terrain like no other.

Natural abilities

A good trailer design doesn’t hinder the tow vehicle’s natural abilities. The EXP4 doesn’t buck, jolt, or bounce around off-road—it provides the ultimate towing experience.


Inside, the bedding area is a 1,82 meter by  2,17 meter long, with plenty of space to sit up (1.2 meters). There is room to accommodate young children on a 1 meter by 1.8 meter bed that doesn’t hinder the main bed. Internal USB charging points and LED lights are standard, and there is generous storage throughout, including hanging space for clothing.

The kitchen layout is homelike in function. It is the full width and height of the EXP4 body and the rear door doubles as protection from the rain or sun when open. There is a 60L fridge, and cooktops are chosen by the client. Cooktops can be gas, diesel, or induction. There are no slide-outs in the EXP4, so when it’s time to leave, you close the door, and you’re done.

The EXP4 body cell has an insulation R-value over 5.1 making it the most insulated trailer in its class. Even the main drinking water supplies and all plumbing are kept within the EXP4 body cell, not outside mounted to the chassis. This means precious water supplies are better protected from damage off-road and prevents freezing in extreme climates.

The EXP4 body uses a closed cell epoxy bonded composite, which is better insulated and has 20% more tensile strength than commonly used polyester bonds. Unlike so many “composite” trailers that use aluminium foam sandwich panels or honeycomb core panels, our construction methods are both stronger and more insulated. Our composite construction improves insulation by preventing pathways for heat or ice to migrate to the interior. Put simply, no other camper trailer manufacturer matches the fully engineered specifications and capabilities of the EXP4.

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Bruder EXP4

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