The art of towing

Gel with the towing vehicle

From Australia’s Cape York, Kimberley and remote deserts, to the dunes of the United Arab Emirates, plains of Africa, diversity of USA and scenic Europe – the EXP6 is proudly Australian made but globally driven.

Towing performance is paramount, so at Bruder we design trailers to gel with the tow vehicle. We test the EXP6 with a wide range of tow vehicles, using simulation and real-world testing. We look at the specifications of tow vehicles such as dimensions, turning circle and maximum wading depth, and adapt our designs accordingly.

Towing the EXP4
Photo Toby Bosschieter Bruder

Weight distribution, balance, strength and size are carefully measured during the design process, but nothing beats real-world testing. The EXP-6, just like its younger brother the EXP4, is tested in Australia’s toughest terrain.

Towing performance is paramount, so we design trailers to gel with the tow vehicle.
We have worked tirelessly to produce an expedition trailer that doesn’t compromise your tow vehicle’s capability. The EXP-6 wheel track and stud pattern can be altered to suit popular tow vehicles, significantly improving performance in boggy or sandy conditions. Our 4-wheel design also improves towing performance by providing increased floatation and footprint compared to 2-wheel configurations.
Equal balance
Photo Bruder
Don’t let size fool you – the EXP6 is designed to offer maneuverability that many smaller trailers can’t match. Our unique suspension system can be used to counteract steep side slopes and even lean away from overhanging tree branches, making the EXP6 a true master of fitting into tight areas.

The EXP6

Photo by Toby Bosschieter Brüder

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