Bruder EXPedition Trailers


From Australia’s Cape York, Kimberley and remote deserts, to the dunes of the United Arab Emirates, plains of Africa, diversity of USA and scenic Europe – the EXP6 GT is proudly Australian made but globally driven.

The Bruder EXP6 GT model is designed to enhance its comfortability by adding a hard top roofing. The interior offers more storage capabilities than the standard EXP6. All other specifications match the outsanding design, functionality comfort and performance of the EXP6.

Towing performance is paramount, so at Bruder we design trailers to gel with the tow vehicle. We test the EXP6 with a wide range of tow vehicles, using simulation and real-world testing. We look at the specifications of tow vehicles such as dimensions, turning circle and maximum wading depth, and adapt our designs accordingly.

Weight distribution, balance, strength and size are carefully measured during the design process, but nothing beats real-world testing. The trailer EXP6, just like its younger brother the EXP4, is tested in Australia’s toughest terrain.

The Bruder EXP-6 comes in two formats:  The EXP-6 GT  (hard top roof) has a taller fixed roofline with an interior height of 198cm. The EXP-6 PT (Pop Top) raises the roof up to 210cm interior height, and down to 170cm interior height, using the patented Bruder roof lift. Both versions can tailored with a variety of options allowing you to be you. Customise your EXP-6, from exterior colour to interior upholstery.

Towing performance is paramount, so we design trailers to gel with the tow vehicle.

We have worked tirelessly to produce an expedition trailer that doesn’t compromise your tow vehicle’s capability. Our 4-wheel design also improves towing performance by providing increased floatation and footprint compared to 2-wheel configurations.

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The EXP-6 GT Interior

EXP-6 GT kitchen

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Don’t let size fool you – it is designed to offer maneuverability that many smaller trailers can’t match. Our unique suspension system can be used to counteract steep side slopes and even lean away from overhanging tree branches, making the EXP-6 a true master of fitting into tight areas.



Internal AC power outlets

Internal fans (1 x front section and 1 x rear section)


Full sized queen bed (1530mm x 2030mm) with LED reading strip lighting and storage/electrical charging ports beside bed

Internal HD television and external antenna

Marine grade stain and water resistant flooring

Internal 65L/17.2gal fridge freezer and easy access to the kitchen and pantry

Access to kitchen via premium roller door

Cupboards for storage located under bed, on walls, beside bed head and main entry way

Internal speakers

Diesel powered internal heating and hot water 

Portable induction cooktop
Filtered water outlet
Stainless kitchen sink with hot and cold water
Drop down table
External 60L/15.8gal fridge/freezer in front slideout, including drawers and storage bin
Orange/white LED strip lighting in kitchen
Chassis, Suspension & wheels

125x75x4mm main chassis rails with internal and external support brackets​​​

Fully welded and sealed laser cut sections​​​

Electric disc brakes​​​ (outside Europe, overun drum brakes (Europe)

Two-pac painted chassis​​​

17″ black alloy wheels with 33″ mud terrain tyres (x5 including spare)​​​

Rear winch compatibility and two rear tow recovery points​​​

Bruder designed air suspension system with eight mono-tube remote-canister shock absorbers​

Engineered epoxy-bonded closed cell composite body construction with wall thickness paired to provide maximum strength and durability​​​​​

Insulated panelling​​​ (R value 5,2)

Inherent roof strength for heavy snow loads​​​




170L drinking water tank located inside EXP body

Water pump pressuriser

Water filter

Internal and external hot/cold showers

Internal bathroom with vanity and toilet




720 AH Lithium Battery

3000W Inverter

600W slim line roof mounted solar

120 Amp 220V charger

DC charger

MPPT solar charger and panel

Touch screen power management system

4x 12V and USB outlets

3x 110V/220V outlets

internal and external LED lighting including reading lights and rear door courtesy lights

4m electronically controlled side awning

RHS storage compartment light

Rear compartment 12V anderson plug input/ouput


The EXP6 is designed to be self-sufficient and operates all standard electrical items from its own 12v battery. Battery charging is via solar panels or when connected to a tow vehicle with the engine running. The EXP6 comes pre-equipped to connect to the battery charger if 110v, 220v or 240v battery charging is required.


Aditional Items

Fire extinguisher

4.5T McHitch Coupling / Alko off road EU ball coupling

Composite nose box storage compartment

Lighting to meet Australian & international standards

Spare wheel holder (one) including wheel

Internal pressuring fan (filtered air)

Four-wheel electric brakes

Premium double layered windows with block-out blinds and in-built mesh

Rear and side two-stage access doors

Under bed access and side storage compartments

Rear external storage area

Stone guard protection system




Weight: 2300kg*

ATM: 3000kg*

Axle Capacity: 5200kg

Brakes: Electric disc brakes (outside Europe) overrun drum brakes  (Europe)

Body Length: 5000mm

Total Length: 6723mm

Ground Clearance: 650mm

Max Tyre Size: 35inch

Low Height: 2470mm

Max Height: 2780mm

Body Width: 1920mm

Wheel Track: 1690mm

Interior height: 1980mm


Body Insulation R-value: Over 5.1

Water Capacity: 170L Internal body tank (more water storage available)

Chassis: Certified engineered, air-tight & sealed (no holes), painted black, 125mm x 75mm with 2x recovery points and optional Warn winch.

Suspension: Certified engineered, Bruder patented design, 12-inch adjustable wheel travel with correct geometry, 450 grade high tensile circular hollow section tapered suspension arms, 4x Bruder specific remote canister rose joint mono tube shock absorbers.

Body: Certified engineered, Epoxy bonded closed cell composite up to 60mm with no pathway in construction for insulation leakage.

* Weight fluctuates up/down depending on options and build selected. Each EXP-6 GT is individually weighted
* ATM can be altered to suit application


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